María and Carles’ Wedding in the Museum of the City of Carmona



We have very fond memories of the wedding that we’re going to tell you about today; it’s María and Carles’ Wedding in the Museum of Carmona. It may be because they’re extremely kind, perhaps because their parents are incredible or because their sisters are pure joy, but for whatever reason, María and Carles didn’t pass by Weddings With Love, they came in to stay.

María and Carles met in Hamburg, Germany. She is from Carmona, one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Seville; he from Valencia – and they met in Hamburg. Fate works in mysterious ways!

María looked gorgeous on her wedding day. Her dress was the work of the designer María Palomo from Seville who was recently presented with a Golden Thimble. María Paloma designed a breath-taking silk-crepe gown with lace sleeves and bodice that fastened at the back and a jewelled belt from an antique dealer. Her sparkling gold tiara was from Cherubina. Her earrings, some diamond hoops, were the “something borrowed” from her mother. Carles wore an elegant black smoking jacket and leather shoes from the tailor’s Señor in Barcelona.

María and Carles said their vows in the Museum of the City of Carmona, a magical place. The museum has a beautiful patio with rounded arches and marble columns. It was a lovely, lively ceremony led by the couple’s sisters. Seeing as María and Carles wed on 11th July we knew that it would be hot, so we prepared some dispensers with refreshing drinks: iced lemon slush and Valencian almond milk.

The reception was held at Hacienda Mesa del Rey, Carmona. Catering Las Torres provided food.

The newlyweds opened the dancing with some traditional Sevillian dances. Carles threw himself into it and learnt all the steps; you can’t imagine how skilled this Valencian is!

Ana Diaz, a friend of María, saw to the cakes at the wedding. Together we created two stands piled high with sweet treats: a Naked Cake, plain, walnut and cranberry cookies, cheesecake, cake pops, mini cupcakes…all on wooden stalls with salmon pink, yellow and navy blue garlands, the colours used to decorate the dance floor.

These fantastic photographs were taken by Rafael Torres.

We hope you love it!


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