Lucía and Julián’s wedding in the south


When Lucía and Julián told us that they were getting married, the response was automatic: we immediately set about generating ideas. Lucía is highly organised and creative so we had to be up to scratch. This couple wanted a great party for their family and friends and even with only 80 guests, we can’t remember a faster paced wedding than theirs.

If you dream of a wedding full of beautiful details which will surprise your guess, this is the post for you.

Lucía’s meeting with her designer was love at first sight. We selected a number designers and labels but as soon as she met María Palomo, she was bowled over. María designed the dress of Lucía’s dreams: a crêpe and lace dress with a plunging back neckline. Lucía is gorgeous and delicate and with the sprinkling of freckles on her back, you can imagine how this neckline looked on her.

Julián wore a morning suit, grey waistcoat and shirt tailored by Fernando Porta of Derby 1951.

Lucía and Julián’s wedding was held at Cortijo Mi Ranchito, Santiponce, Seville. There they said their vows in a civil ceremony beneath an awning of flowers. We created the setting that they had dreamed of for some time: a canopy of ivy from which carnations fell. It was a beautiful and very unique ceremony. Lucía and Julián are lovers of flamenco and dancing and, for their wedding, they counted on the voice of the Flamenco singer Rosa Quiñones. Her performance during the ceremony got the guests on their feet dancing traditional Sevillian dances. We have never seen anything like it. It was breath-taking!

Before beginning the banquet, the guests enjoyed an equestrian display.

Lunch was held in a white marquee surrounded by flowers. To make it cosier, we hung garlands in the colours of the wedding – rose, mint and beige – from the ceiling.

For their party, we turned to the duo Puerto Latino who did not let the 80 guests have a moment’s rest. Despite their being so few people, this wedding went on until the early hours of the morning.

We hope you like the photographs from Forraje Films.


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