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Wedding Planner in Spain

Hi! We’re Lidia, Patricia, Ana and Cristina, and together we’re Weddings With Love, wedding planners in Spain. We’re experts in destination weddings in our country. Weddings With Love is located in Sevilla, in the south of our country but we can plan a wedding for you wherever you want. What kind of wedding would you like to have? Just let us know and your fairy godmothers will make this dream come true for you and your guests.

We’ve been working as wedding planners since 2013. We are very demanding, that is the reason why we only plan 20 weddings per years. Having this corporate philosophy in mind, we can plan and personalize luxury weddings in Spain.

Having a wedding in Spain

Do you dream of an outdoor wedding? Everyone knows that Spain has a great weather. The climatology of our country lets us planning lovely outdoor weddings. From May until October the temperature varies from 25 degrees to 40. During spring, summer and autumn we can plan marvelous outdoor weddings. How do you imagine your magical day? At the beach, in a beautiful garden, in the countryside? You just need to tell us.

Weddings With Love is a wedding planning company based in Spain but 90% of our couples live abroad. We are expert in destination weddings. As your wedding planner in Spain, we can help you with everything that you need for your wedding day. We will design, plan, organize and coordinate your big day as your fairy godmothers.

Weddings With Love, Wedding Planner Spain

We’re a very professional and passionate team because planning incredible and very personalized weddings is our motto.

Before starting to work together, you must know that confidence is something essential for us. Your wedding planner is your trusted person who is always going to design, plan, organize and coordinate thinking of you and your benefits. You need to trust and make a great the team with the people you hire.

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