The Wedding of Paddy Noarbe and Marcos Llorente at La Fortaleza

The Wedding of Paddy Noarbe and Marcos Llorente at La Fortaleza

Oh my! This wedding… Where do we begin? We are delighted to share with you the unforgettable experience we had as wedding planners at the wedding of Paddy Noarbe and Marcos Llorente, a couple who exuded love and happiness from the moment we met them. It was through their engagement that this couple stole our hearts.

Together with Paddy and Marcos, we created an experiential wedding that lasted for 3 days at La Fortaleza de PollenÇa, Mallorca. It is one of the most stunning venues we have ever seen, no wonder it holds the top spot in Europe for wedding celebrations.

It all began on Thursday with a pre-wedding event that set the mood for the grand celebration we had prepared for the following day. On Friday, we celebrated the wedding with a marvelous ceremony that extended into the early hours of the morning. The next day, Saturday, we organized a pool party that provided the perfect finale to this luxurious experiential wedding over 3 days in Mallorca.

Paddy and Marcos’ Wedding at La Fortaleza de PollenÇa, Mallorca

La Fortaleza feels like it’s straight out of a dream. No matter how many times we visited the place, it never failed to impress us more and more. The stunning views, the marvelous historical architecture, and each special location for the event made it a truly exceptional venue.

The Ceremony of Paddy and Marcos

Paddy and Marcos exchanged their vows with the sea as the backdrop, surrounded by their loved ones. The chosen setting was the pool area with arches in the background, creating a scene that looked like a painting. We struggle to find the right words to describe just how breathtaking this moment was. Marcos appeared on his mother’s arm, dressed impeccably in a black and white smoking designed by Tomas Laso-Argos from Absolut Besposke, and the soundtrack for this momentous occasion was Bryan Adams’ “Everything I do I do it for you”. You can imagine the emotions that filled the air. A few minutes later, Paddy walked down the aisle with her father, looking radiant in her Jesús Peiró dress. We still vividly remember that heartwarming moment when Paddy walked alongside her mother through over 26 meters of rose garden while Pablo Navarro played Ludovico Einaudi’s “Experience“. There wasn’t a dry eye among the attendees.

The decoration of the ceremony was simply beautiful, thanks to the marvelous work of Francis and Marga from Little Sister. We connected deeply with this team, and we knew they would deliver an outstanding result.

They say coincidences don’t exist. A few days prior, Marcos said a beautiful phrase to Paddy before going to sleep. Little did he know that Paddy had previously recorded the same phrase on their candle: “World record in loving each other.” You can only imagine the emotions and passion that filled the air during this ceremony, guided by the officiant and friend of the couple, Xavi Cañellas.

The “Wedding Dream” Gastronomy

Paddy and Marcos are true foodies, and they were certain that Maca de Castro and her catering team were the perfect choice for the gastronomic experience. They crafted a superb menu for the cocktail reception and a dinner highlight: the house’s best-seller and one of Marcos’ favorite dishes – Fried eggs with potatoes and lobster.

The folks at Premium Mixes crafted personalized cocktails for the couple, even going so far as to use ice with the couple’s logo – the level of customization at this wedding was beyond imagination. Additionally, there were some delicious cocktails featuring Miwi kombucha. The couple also had their own personalized wine and champagne bottles.

For the party, we had a live show cooking station by Waffle Time, who also personalized each waffle with the wedding’s image and Paddy and Marcos’ favorite flavors.

The Wedding Decor

Paddy was fully involved in her wedding, creating all sorts of personalized items for her guests: towels, sleep masks, personalized bags, robes for her friends and bridesmaids… every detail was carefully considered.

For the decoration of Paddy and Marcos’ wedding, we created a very romantic project that reflected the couple’s style. White roses, Paddy’s favorite flowers, had to be present throughout the decorative corners, alongside white peonies.

Guests were welcomed with a stand featuring scented fans designed to simulate a sunset. We also printed natural linen fabric that danced with the breeze.

Their seating plan was beautiful. We built a structure adorned with flowers, and from the top, three chandeliers hung, illuminating linen fabrics with the names of each guest and their assigned tables.

Mirror-tables decor for the dinner was elegant and accompanied by romantic centerpieces adorned with roses and peonies. The ambience was further enriched by the warm glow of candles in glass cylinders and charming wax candleholders from The Wedding Scent.

The Fragrance Favour: Peony in Bloom

Peony in Bloom’s aroma of the event welcomed guests as they arrived at the hotel – a Home Pack featuring the captivating scent “Peony in Bloom” from The Wedding Scent. This thoughtful gesture immersed them in a delightful olfactory experience throughout the event.

Every corner of La Fortaleza was scented with this wonderful fragrance. The dinner tables were perfumed with candles, diffusers, and soy wax candle chandeliers of Peony in Bloom, as peonies and roses were the main flowers used in the centerpieces. The couple chose the Luxury Pack from The Wedding Scent.

Additionally, at their tables, female guests found Guerlain lipsticks in Paddy’s favorite color, each case engraved with the guest’s name. The male guests received personalized bottles of L’Homme Ideal perfume. The ladies were particularly pampered, as they all took home pairs of Golden Goose sneakers, featuring the wedding’s slogan and date: “Heaven – 30.06.23.”

A Thoughtfully Planned Audiovisual Production

One thing we must highlight is the extensive audiovisual production for this wedding. During the ceremony, we had the musical performance of violinist Pablo Navarro and a pianist, who delighted us playing a beautiful white baby grand piano.

During the cocktail reception, a quartet played different versions of classic jazz tunes. And during the dinner and the party, the fantastic DJ Pedraza was in charge of keeping everyone dancing all night long. The dinner was lively and animated! Additionally, during the outdoor party (we had two parties, one outdoors and later, after 1:00 AM, we moved the party indoors), we had various shows. Two aerial dancers welcomed all the guests at the entrance of the party, which we celebrated in the ceremony area – imagine disassembling the entire ceremony and creating a party! All the teams worked superbly and efficiently to make Paddy and Marcos’ dream of celebrating their wedding at La Fortaleza come true. Throughout the party, images related to the sky were projected, as Paddy and Marcos have a saying when they are very comfortable – “we are in heaven.” So, their “Heaven” was present throughout the event.

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, we encourage you to take a look at the beautiful photos taken by Doncel and Alcoba, who, along with Alberto Ramírez, were the photographers for the wedding. The video of the wedding was taken care of by Bea and Edu from Rice & Roses.

Endless thanks to Paddy & Marcos for your affection and for making us a part of your Big Day!