The Notebook themed wedding

The Notebook themed wedding

Hello! You can’t imagine how eager we are to tell you about Rocío and Raúl’s wedding based on The Notebook. It was clear from the start that they didn’t want a normal wedding; they wanted it to be unique, just like them.

Rocío and Raúl’s wedding was celebrated on 19th September at the El Loreto Hacienda, Espartinas, Seville. When the couple saw this hacienda, it was love at first sight. It had everything they wanted, the tree of life, under which they would say their “I do’s”. They loved the greenery on the farm, its flowers, its woven blinds, the colonnade, the demijohns, its pool, the gardens… everything. El Loreto hacienda is unique, exclusive. They wanted to be in the countryside, as if they were on a Mediterranean country estate.

Rocío wore a dress designed by María Palomo. She got us on board with the idea from the moment we stepped in her atelier. Rocío wanted something romantic, bohemian, and María Palomo made it reality. A fine crepe wedding dress with a silk chiffon overlay. For the sash, María recommended a highly exclusive piece made from Bohemia crystal. The dress also had a chiffon train giving the outfit that light and sheer sensation that Rocío was after. 10 out of 10 for María Palomo!

The floral head garland and bouquet came from the bridal shop Marucca. Rocío’s romantic-vintage style garland was made using a base of preserved eucalyptus adorned with lavender and dried panicle hydrangea hand dyed mustard-yellow. For the bouquet, two preserved dusty pink roses were perfectly complemented by white chrysanthemum. María added the finishing touch to her dress with mini fabric flowers in coral and pink. It was a work of art and together with her bouquet, Rocío looked breath-taking. The girls from Bellissima, with their refined taste and knowledge of the latest trends, did her hair and makeup.

We still remember the day that Rocío and Raúl came to the office. With their ideas about the type of wedding they were after as clear as crystal. They told us one thing: “We want a themed wedding; have you seen the film The Notebook? Well that’s what we’re after, The Notebook, but obviously with a happy ending”. Armed with the specifics, we set off with Raúl to find his perfect outfit. There was to be no morning dress or suits; Raúl didn’t want to follow protocol or etiquette. Derby 1951, the tailors, was responsible for designing his outfit. We chose a look inspired by The Notebook: beige trousers, cream shirt, a checked waistcoat and his inseparable hat, and was beautifully tanned for the occasion. As a finishing touch, we opted for an olive-green spotted bow tie, a Kronen and Söhne pocket watch and cufflinks handmade from the mechanics of an old watch by Silviadoras.

Rocío and Raúl’s ceremony was very special and emotional. We cried a lot, but they were tears of joy. Incidentally, one of Raúl’s daughters carried the wedding rings in a blue box called Tardis and in doing so revealed Raúl and Rocío’s quirks! Fans of the British series Doctor Who, they brought along something blue: the police box that acts as the time machine in the series. That’s who they are!

Catering Las Torres, always ready for action and extremely well organised, supplied the food and drink. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

All the stationery for the wedding was designed by LeBlue. We gave them Rocío and Raúl’s colour palette and they worked their magic.

Weddings With Love saw to the entire organisation of the wedding and the decoration. We set up an exquisite buffet of organic lemonades, a vintage photoshoot, a candy & nuts bar, a memory corner with mini Polaroid prints and a festival of lights with the letters LOVE. It was incredible for us to be part of this big day. Rocío and Raúl are two lovely people with enormous hearts. They are our new friends because they are so endearing. Getting to know them has been magical and we have spent many an afternoon laughing and telling stories. We have learnt a lot by their side. To be with like-minded people in life is an absolute revelation, and with so much to share, you only have to open your eyes and listen. Thank you Rocío and Raúl for choosing us!

A special thanks goes to Pilar from Hacienda El Loreto for all her hard work. We make a formidable team! When we organise weddings at El Loreto we receive a warm welcome and know that the work will be easier with people such as Pilar.

Thank you to María and Clara from Planning Travel for organising the perfect honeymoon for Rocío and Raúl and for your collaboration. Planning Travel creates bespoke trips for every couple. And we are delighted with their work.

Many thanks also go to the Alberto and Maru, the photographers. They are the perfect team and did an incredible job, so thank you!

Happy Tuesday!