1. Full planning service

    We usually have 365 days, if not less, to plan a wedding. If we then subtract the days spent at work and the hours we sleep, how much time have you got left to plan your big day? Your wedding can’t keep you up at night; it’s a party, a joyful and magical occasion – it can’t cause stress or nerves. It’s time to delegate.
    By choosing the full planning service, we will help you plan, organise and coordinate your wedding from start to finish. At Weddings With Love we take care of shaping your special day and bringing all your ides to life. We source all the suppliers that you need. We will also be there on your wedding day to coordinate, ensuring everything turns out just as we planned.

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  2. Full planning + decoration

    In addition to planning, organising and coordinating your wedding, we will also take care of designing the decoration. We will put together a mood-board and create the best decorations so that everything looks breath-taking and you succeed in stunning your guests. Just like the full planning service, we will be there on the big day – we wouldn’t miss it!

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  3. Coordination service

    Have you already organised everything? Then this is the service for you; it involves managing the actual day. You need two Wedding Planners to coordinate your special day. We will contact you a couple of weeks beforehand to discuss everything that you already have in place. WWL will take care of coordinating all these services and will of course be there on the day so that you only need worry about dancing, laughing and loving. Weddings With Love will take care of everything so that the day is as you dreamed.

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  4. Coordination + decoration

    Unlike the Coordination Service, we will contact you a couple of months before the wedding in order to design the decoration. At Weddings With Love, we are a source of great ideas. We will also take care of coordinating all your suppliers prior to your wedding and will of course be there on the day so that everything is perfect.

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  5. Destination Wedding

    This service is aimed at those couples who live abroad but decide to get married in Spain. We take care of organising absolutely everything. With 90% of our couples living abroad, we are experts in destination weddings.

    This service can also be reversed. Do you live in Spain but want to tie the knot in another country? We will organise everything in your destination country, and will of course be there on your wedding day.

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