Hiring a luxury wedding planner in Spain

Hiring a luxury wedding planner in Spain

Given the fact that the final result of a wedding depends on the work of the vendors, it is logical that if you want to celebrate a luxury wedding you should hire a luxury wedding planner to get it, especially if you’re not getting married where you live.

Weddings With Love was one of the first wedding planning companies that landed in Spain. We started our business back in 2013 and since then we’ve been evolving every year. We are in constant change so we can give our clients what they want and need for their Big Day.

The history of Weddings With Love: a groundbreaking wedding planning company

Since we started to organize weddings in 2013, we knew that we wanted to give our clients a very personalized and exclusive treatment, that’s why we specialized in luxury and destination weddings. Nowadays, we are the only luxury wedding planning company located in Seville.

On the other hand, we started out of nowhere, so we had to build business relationships from scratch. Despite that, we were looking forward to showing what we could do and thanks to that, our company hasn’t stopped growing since then. This also happened because we opted for diversifying our business, weddings are our main focus but they aren’t the only key to our success!

In 2015 we published Wedding Planner, the book and the agenda for planning a wedding and in 2018 we printed it again with a lot of improvements.

Also, 2018 was the year when we designed a jewelry capsule collection for brides with the brand Oui Petit. We created a risky but an elegant and minimal line that didn’t resemble what was already in the market. As fashion lovers, we found in this project the perfect way to channel our passion.

That same year we also celebrated the first edition of our Wedding Planner Academy. We realized that there was a lack of training and information about our profession, so we decided to organize a course to cover that. Besides, recently we’ve just launched the online version of Wedding Planner To Be.

In addition, two years ago, we started to organize corporate events for different brands as Narciso Rodríguez, NARS, or Marriott amongst others.

Finally, less than a year ago, we decided to change a little bit our corporate image. We feel that every now and then we have to check it so it goes in the same direction as us. We’re very proud of it.

luxury wedding planner in Spain

Photograph by Doncel y Alcoba

luxury wedding planner spain - weddings with love

Photo by Doncel y Alcoba

luxury wedding planner in Spain

Photograph by Doncel y Alcoba

luxury events - weddings with love

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Weddings With Love, a company which specializes in luxury weddings

As we said before, in Weddings With Love we specialize in luxury weddings, and in particular in sustainable, experiential and destination ones. We think that these concepts work perfectly well together.

We firmly believe that every couple should have someone of trust by their side while planning the Big Day, and that’s even more important when we are speaking about destination weddings. If you want to have a luxury celebration, you need someone who specializes in it with you. We, as wedding planners that are used to working with couples who consider investing an appreciable amount of money on their special day, know perfectly which vendors can provide the services you’re looking for.

Of course, if you need to hire a luxury wedding planner in Spain, you’re in the right place! We think it is very important to make clear what this term means for Weddings With Love. For us, the concept of luxury must be present from the very first moment our client hires us. What does this mean? We only plan 15 weddings per season so we can give each one of our couples a totally personalized service. Thanks to that, we can talk with them almost every day, and of course, every time they need it.

Besides, as we mentioned at first, the success of a wedding lies in the work of the vendors, so, if you want to celebrate a luxury wedding, you need to hire the ones that are able to make it true. Despite that, it is also very important to have someone in charge of coordinating everything, and thanks to our experience, we are used to managing teams with more than 100 people from the staff.

luxury wedding planner in Spain

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luxury wedding planner in Spain - Gastronomy

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Experiential and sustainable weddings

Currently, weddings aren’t very similar to the ones we were used to going just a few years ago. Nowadays, this event is an experience that the couple and their guests must enjoy from the beginning to the end and this statement gains meaning when we are speaking about destination weddings. A luxury wedding planner in Spain, or wherever you’re planning to get married, will be a lifesaver for that.

A wedding abroad means that your guests will need to travel for miles to get to the place where it’s going to be celebrated. Usually, most of the couples we work with want their closest friends and family to enjoy the experience since they arrive in town, keeping in mind the effort they’re doing to attend to their Big Day. That’s when the concepts of wedding and experience collide. It doesn’t matter if the guests are going to spend a week in that city or a weekend, they have to enjoy every minute of their stay.

In these cases, we recommend a list of hotels that suits different needs so every guest could choose the best option for him or her. Also, we usually tell the couple a series of activities that their family and friends could enjoy in the city, and of course, we help them to plan a pre-wedding cocktail, post-wedding brunch or BBQ, whatever they prefer.

Also, the Big Day must be an experience itself: from the ceremony to the dinner or to the party. We can assure you that having us by your side, you’ll have an unforgettable wedding. It is about taking luxury to the next level.

Moreover, we know that nowadays luxury comes with sustainability, that’s why we bet for details that combine these two concepts. Where can we find eco-friendly gestures at a wedding? Well, for example, you can opt for sending a digital save the date and invitation or you can send an invitation made of seed paper. Also, you can choose handmade gifts for your guests made by local artists or you can donate to a solitary project the money you planned to invest in that.

The concept of luxury has changed over the years and we’re constantly trying to adapt our business to it so we can meet our clients’ expectations and desires. At this moment, it means elegance, a minimal style with international touches, betting for great vendors and making an incredible experience of just one day.

Lili and Arthur's wedding at Casa No Tempo - weddings with love

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weddings with love at Villa Luisa

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