Laura and Daniel’s Marsala-Themed Wedding in Seville


Last week we gave you a sneak peek of what we have prepared for today: “Laura and Daniel’s marsala-themed wedding in Seville”. It was very tricky for us to select the photographs because all of them were stunning, but we managed it in the end.

Laura and Daniel, both from Seville, met in Switzerland and decided to say their “I do’s” in the city where they were born. The ceremony was held in one of the most important churches in Seville, the La Macarena Basilica. It is a beautiful church with a priest who is a delight for all the couples who get married there.

The reception took place at “Cortijo Mi Ranchito”, an idyllic setting which has nothing to do with Mexico. It’s always fantastic working at this farmhouse; we are a team and when we pull together, the result is marvellous. It has centuries-old plants growing up the outer walls and a glass canopy which fascinates us.

Laura wore a gown by Madeleine Gardner, an American designer. Her earrings were from Swarovski and her hairpiece and bouquet were the work of Marucca. Marucca’s handiwork was custom-made for Laura; her designs used the wedding colour palette and were made with great care. María is very creative, you could say that she has a gift, and there was no need for us to explain what we wanted, she always gets it just right. The sisters behind Bellissima did her make-up. The hair and make-up queens!

Daniel wore a morning suit from Derby 1951, a tailor in Seville, with a marsala-coloured tie. It couldn’t be anything else.

They amazed all their guests on the dance floor. Over the months spent organising the wedding, Laura and Daniel went to flamenco classes and they tackled nothing less than some “Bulerías”, –a traditional Andalusian song accompanied with clapping and dancing–, for their wedding day. They’re a brave couple! They nailed it, they got it spot on. Following the horse display, their family wanted to surprise them by releasing some balloons– it was magical!

Yours truly were in charge of decorating the wedding venue. For Laura and Danial, we strung up marsala, pink, mint-green and white garlands. It was a romantic wedding with very sweet touches. There were copious amounts of Swiss chocolate; even the wedding favour was a bar of chocolate that melted in your mouth. For the seating plan, we created a fruit and vegetable market with a French touch. Pink, beige and marsala ribbons hung in the photo booth, interspersed with lace and strands of carnations, a flower that is very typical of Southern Spain. We lit up the dance floor with the words LOVE and BAR. We set up a savoury and sweet bar, with cakepops, mini cupcakes, a naked cake… made by our dear Marga Rivas from E’Cakes.

For a bit of fun, there was a RisBox photo booth, guaranteed to make you laugh and giving you an unforgettable memoir.

We turned to the guys behind Forraje Films for the photographs and video. We love the work they did for Laura and Daniel’s wedding.

Scroll down and take a look!

Happy Tuesday!


Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_020 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_053 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_087 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_103 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_117 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_119 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_148 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_166 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_183 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_187 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_220 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_243 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_259 Laura_y_Dani_W_Preparativos_275Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_029 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_038 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_046 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_130 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_139 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_187 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_212 Laura_y_Dani_W_Ceremonia_215Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_004


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Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_023 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_102 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_108Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_120

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Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_222 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_231


Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_237 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_247 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_245 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_243Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_249 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_241



Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_341 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_343 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_351 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_353 Laura_y_Dani_W_Fiesta_361