Cristina & John’s Wedding set in French Provence

Cristina & John’s Wedding set in French Provence

On a lovely sunny day Cristina & John came to our office. This day Cristina carried with her a new book; it was a gift from John. Then she opened the gorgeous book and showed us a purple field, it was lavender, it was a French lavender field in Provence. And here starts this love tale, the story of our princess and her lord. It starts with a beautiful picture in a book. This colour and smell would be very inspiring for us.

Cristina has definitely been the bride who has had the most encounters with us, but we promise you she has been the most organized. These meetings came from friendship, because we wanted to spend time together and catch up. She always wanted to know our opinion, almost without realizing we had become friends. She has helped us throughout and has been self-sufficient. She hired their wedding planners but it was clear that she would organize her wedding, and she did it. We make a great team: Cristina, John, Gema (the bride’s sister), Salva (the sister’s fiancé) and the girls from Weddings With Love. Together we created the wedding that our princess had always dreamed of.

Cristina’s wedding dress was from Pronovias. It was the Barroco model. Cristina wanted a romantic fairy tale image, and this option fit like a glove.






The bridal bouquet was from Puka Flower. Cristina wanted a bouquet of wild flowers that seemed as if it were from a  freshly cut field. Look how gorgeous it is!

ANECDOTE: Cristina forgot the bouquet in home! OMG Her marvellous photographer went to pick up the bouquet. We think that she had never run more than like Cristina’s special day. Finally, Cristina only was 30 minutes late.


John chose the Derby 1951 label, this brand is legendary Sevillian tailoring. Derby 1951 is our favourite label and the one which almost all our grooms have used.
We love the suspenders! They fit him perfectly! Being a discreet person, the groom  preferred the blue colour, which he chose for the tie and cufflinks.






Cristina & John were married at the Chapel of the Sagrario of the Cathedral of Seville, an idyllic and beautiful place. Cristina decided to get in a carriage drawn by four beautiful horses from Equestrian Club Silva in Ecija. It was a gift from her uncle.


Cristina & John’s ceremony was super emotional and very different from other ceremonies we had witnessed. It had different cultures and languages, and we had to make it as international as possible. Therefore, Cristina and John designed a small ceremony book where the entire ceremony was written in both languages: English and Spanish. In addition there were readings in both languages. It was a beautiful ceremony.







John’s grandfather was unable to attend the wedding, and Cristina & John did not want the grandparent who resides in England will to miss this great event. So the couple did not think twice and broadcasted their wedding live so that he could watch it along with everyone. Uvedos were responsible for bringing this marriage to the UK.


 After the ceremony had finished, all the guests moved to the Hacienda Atalaya Alta, the place where we celebrate the lunch and  party of Mr & Mrs Hayward 😉 For the transfer of the guests, we surprised the sister of the bride with a sign, hehe. She couldn’t have imagine that she would be the official guide to all the guests. Thanks Gema for this and a lot of more things!



Counting on help from family can be essential. We were very lucky, very lucky, because in addiction to having a committed couple for this wedding we had Gemma & Salva to help as well. They have “golden hands” and they’re tireless. Gema thought that nothing was enough for her older sister. She made this welcome sign for the guests which we decorated with a little bouquet of baby’s breath



This wedding was a rustic style and lavender was very important in the decoration. This was the flower, and its lilac colour became the colour of the wedding. We also decorated the seating plan with lavender. To elaborate this seating plan we prepared a wooden pallet and we varnished it. To elevate the pallet we used two straw bales which our partner Ana got for us. She work for Guadalquivir Catering. Thanks Ana! We used purple cardboard and rope for the seating plan. Cristina searched through her parent’s house and brought two old baskets which we filled with flowers. It turned out so pretty!



Being a multicultural wedding we had to consider our guests. We made message corner for the bride and groom, it was the most useful for all the guest from abroad. Normally couples from UK or USA, don’t go around the tables to give the wedding favour and receive presents from the guests, so this card box was fabolous for the guests to leave their present.

 The girls from WWL painted the box in purple, the colour of the wedding. Also, we customized another box with the wedding date. To continued with the country style, we made a garland with burlap fabrics and painted the word “CARDS” in white.

Everything in English and Spanish.

Ahm! The beautiful table and chairs were brought by Cristina from the village house. This house is a museum!




For the tables we chose circles wedding centerpieces with baby’s breath and lavender. We decorated all the tables with scattered lavender and we put a sprig of lavander in all the napkins. Also, the bride and the groom left a bookmark with “Thank you” & “Gracias”. Nice words in both languages to be grateful with all their family and friends.




A emotional moment came with the speeches: John’s best man, Christina’s father and John got to move with their beautiful words more than 200 people. Women wanted to have a husband as romantic as John, haha.





For the wedding favours, Cristina’s mother painted a gorgeous fans for the women and John chose a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Valdepeñas, Jaén, as wedding favour for the men.  Cristina asked us if we want to give her wedding favour and we did it. It was amazing and was really nice welcome all the guests.






Our princess Cristina dreamed with a big candy table at her wedding. Her fairy godmothers couldn’t resist making her dream come true. So we created for our bride and groom this candy table with 4 metres long. For the preparation of this candy bar, we relied on a genius baker, Fanny, friend of the bride and like a good French girl, she has a special gift for sweets. She made a fabolous wedding cake decorated with lavender and she made cupcakes, mini cup akes, cake pops and biscuits that only lasted the blink of an eye. A big success! Thank you Fanny! We want purple to predominate the colour scheme but we combinated with pink, white and green. It looked beautiful!









The Candy Bar was accompanied with a Nuts Buffet, for which we set up a table with a burlap tablecloth and we created a garland with the same  material on which you can read the phrase JUST MARRIED. Walnuts, almonds, corn nuts, dates… It was a success with all the guests. For this table we used the colours white, pink and brown.




The kids also had their space and particular their private candy table. They had a secret chest with a lot of yummy candies, strawberry milkshake, a  soap bubble bottle, lollipops and sweets. Sometimes couples forget children, and it essential to entertain them so mums and dads can enjoy the wedding.


One of the greastest moment of the wedding came with the “pinata”. An authentic work of art from Gema, the bride’s sister. We had a great time, so much laughter!  From the pinata fell all kinds of candies, glasses, hats, wigs… to enjoy the party.




From that point on, the party didn’t stop. We have never ever seen a wedding party as lively as Cristina & John’s wedding. People came from around the world but they connected with each other from first minute. Sonido Al Sur was the company charged with making sure the beat never stop. Good music and great guests! A perfect mix.





The couple wanted to surprise to the guests with a photo both. The company was Risbox. The guests had a great time! It was a great idea!





Dance competition!

The bride and groom propoused a fun dance competition. It was not only neccesary to be the best dancer, but also the winner would to be those who had been married the longest. They are the champions! More than 40 years married.




And when the sun went down and the clock passed twelve, our prince and princess lived happily ever after.





Thanks to Cristina and John for trusting us. Thanks to all the family and friends, in particular to Gema and Salva. And many thanks to all companies helped to make a great wedding.

FOTOGRAFÍA: Alberto y Maru
VÍDEO: Alberto y Maru
CATERING: Guadalquivir Catering
LUGAR DE CELEBRACIÓN: Hacienda Atalaya Alta
FLORES: Puka Taller de Flores
MÚSICA: Sonido Al Sur
WEDDING PLANNER: unas servidoras, Weddings With Love