Inventors of wedding scenting

Inventors of wedding scenting

Can you imagine giving your wedding a scent? It’s possible! We are the inventors of wedding scenting in Spain. A couple of years ago we started working on this special concept within our experiential luxury weddings and today all our weddings have a scent that pervades the entire space and every corner of the event. We scent tablecloths, napkins, bathrooms, waiters… Everything smells like the fragrance of the wedding.

Experiential Luxury Weddings- 360º

Not everything is invented in weddings, believe us! It is a matter of creativity. We are the first wedding planners in the world to create experiential luxury weddings and to be pioneers in the aromatization of our events, making them memorable for the experience lived by the guests with their 5 senses. The wedding will not only be remembered for the excellent gastronomy, for the decoration or for enjoying wonderful music, but also for how good the event smelled. We are sure that this detail will not go unnoticed and your guests will talk about the wedding scenting the next day and for a long time. To have a wedding aroma will make your event so different.

A personalized wedding scent for your event

We can create the scent of your wedding. In some of our weddings, couples wish to have a unique wedding scent and from our team we get to work creating their olfactory experience.

The scent of the wedding as a favour: wedding scenting

To make the experience last in time, many of our couples decide to give their guests perfumes or scented candles with the fragrance we chose for the wedding. This way, once the event is over, when the guests smell the fragrance again, their minds will back to the couple’s Big Day. In this way, the experience lasts for years to come.