Wedding Planner

The book for organising a wedding

It’s the must –have for any fiancés or future Wedding Planner. It’s the first book in Spain that covers in detail each of the aspects that you need to bear in mind when organising a wedding. With Wedding Planner, we wanted to share all our knowledge and experience with anyone who might be interested. What’s the use of wisdom if you don’t share it? We don’t have any secrets at Weddings With Love and we gladly show you how we go about organising a wedding.

Wedding Planner is a beautiful box, bursting with nice touches, which contains two publications: the Planner and the Organiser. Inside the Organiser you will find various removable pages which will be fundamental in your Magical Day turning out just as you dreamed.

We hope you like it!

The planner

The Weddings With Love Planner is an illustrated book that contains all the theory behind designing a wedding. You can’t take on the big day without your Wedding Planner and its book about planning.

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The organiser

The Organiser supplements the Planner; it’s a type of diary in which you can complete dozens of tables detailing all the finalised plans for your wedding.

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