The Book


“Wedding Planner, the book and the agenda for planning a wedding” is a must-have for every couple. It is a publication in Spanish that contains a wide range of information that makes you aware of the many different tasks that involve planning and organizing a great wedding. We wrote “Wedding Planner” because we want to share our knowledge and experiences as wedding planners because “Knowledge not shared remains unknown” (Chris Grabenstein).

At Weddings With Love we do not want to keep secrets and we want to show you our own way of planning weddings.
“Wedding Planner” consist in a wonderful box with rose gold stamping. It has two different publications inside: The Planner (the book) and The Organizer (the agenda).
We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we did while writing it.

The Planner

What can you find on it?

Weddings With Love’s Planner is the book of our publication. It contains the first steps you need to know to start to organize your own wedding. It also has all the theory that’s needed to design and planning your big day. Furthermore, there are real illustrations of our weddings that will inspire you. You can not face your “magical day” without your “Wedding Planner” and its book, “The Planner”.

The Agenda

What can you find on it?

The Agenda is a supplement that goes with The Planner. It is a wedding organizer for brides and grooms that was thought to complete dozens of tables with the most important information about the wedding. Besides, you can find a lot of exclusive content and spreadsheets that you can download from our website.