Welcome to our Academy! In Weddings With Love we are teachers and we want to share with you our knowledge and experiences. Would you like to be a wedding planner? If the answer is “YES”, you are at the right place: the intensive course “Wedding planner to be”. (The course is in Spanish)

We propose you a 3-day course with theoretical and practical lessons and real examples. We will teach you how we work, the method we use to organize perfect weddings and the right way of planning, organizing and coordinating a wedding. Weddings With Love was born in 2013, during the economic crisis, when it was unthinkable to start a business in Spain. Despite the circumstances, we were brave and we founded Weddings With Love and we have never had regrets about it.

The best thing about our lives, our way to reach happiness. This is, without a doubt, our dream job and probably yours too if you are reading this. We can tell you, with pride, that our business has been working great even before having a website or a logo and it has never had economic losses. Year after year, we keep growing and that is thanks to our business model, our high stringency level and culture of hard work.

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We want to share with you how we work.

If you want to know more about the real work of a wedding planner, this is your course. We can accept only 20 students because we want the course to be very personalized so we can really help you with whatever you may need, from your doubts about the theory to the practical lessons.

VIII Course

Wedding planner to be


In Sevilla, at the Weddings With Love Academy, so you can get to know our workplace, or as we like to say, our home, where we create beautiful weddings and where we have all our



As teachers

  • Authors of “Wedding Planner, the book and the agenda for planning a wedding”.
  • Experts in Production and Communication of Social Events
  • Expert Course in Protocol, Communication and Organization of Events at the University of Sevilla.
  • Different collaborations with the wedding planner course of the Fashion School of Sevilla.
  • Master classes with BTheTravel Brand (Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca).
  • Collaborations with the subject of Digital Marketing for Wedding Planners of ISEMCO University.
“It was a fantastic and intense weekend. When you are doing what you really like it doesn’t involve a great effort. The environment that was created by the classmates and the professionals was great. People were very skilled. We felt like queens during the 3 days that the course lasted thanks to your details, you made us feel special. The moment of Oui Petit’s necklace left us speechless... Totally emotional! We will never forget about it. Personally, this experience helped me a lot to examine my mistakes and to correct them. Maybe even for improving as a person. The course has exceeded my expectations”.
“My favorite part is the round of questions. It is when we really learn what is not usually written in the books. By doing that, we get to know Weddings With Love's experiences and the ones of the rest of professionals, even of the rest of students. Thanks to that, we can take notes of different situations that we had not even imagined that could happen in a wedding”.
The attention received is close and honest. For me, that is a priority. Feeling relax and confident. You made us feel as if we were at home. You told us the truth about everything if we are or we are not in the right direction and how to correct our mistakes as wedding planners. About the price, I would even say that is economical regarding the content we saw and the quality of the speakers.