Wedding Planners in Sevilla

We are Lidia, Patricia, Ana and Cristina, wedding planners in Spain with headquarters in Sevilla. From here, we create 20 exclusive weddings per year. We personalize each one of them by going with you through all the steps we will take until your great party.


Founder of Weddings With Love
Wedding Planner

Founder of Weddings With Love together with my sister, Lidia. I love design, decoration and fashion. The three aspects that I take care of the most in our weddings are a good gastronomy, a good music and a wonderful decoration. I also love social relations and I get excited every time that a couple knocks our door at Weddings With Love. Every wedding is a fresh new start, a challenge and a chance to create something unique for the groom and bride to be.

I am a “Senior Technician in Production of Events” and I studied a degree in Journalism. I lived in London for some time and in there I discovered the wedding universe. Since then, I am in love with the most wonderful job that exists. My main duties in Weddings With Love are creating decoration projects, being in charge of the communications and the social media. I love Instagram and everything that inspires me about the nuptial sector!


Founder of Weddings With Love
Wedding Planner

Founder of Weddings With Love together with my sister, Patricia. I studied a degree in Tourism, a MBA degree in Business Administration and an Expert Course in Events Organization. I love keeping everything in order and I coordinate meticulously every step we take to organize weddings.

I am in charge of the financial part of the company. I am the number girl! I love photography, floral decoration and furniture restoration. I am very composed and prudent facing stressful situations and making decisions. If a problem happens, I always look for the best solutions for our couples.


Wedding Planner

Everyone knows that “passion can move mountains”. I studied a degree in Teaching, but since I was little I dreamed of daydream weddings, magic dresses and love stories with happy endings. This passion finally exploded when it was my turn to walk down the aisle. I think that I still got love hangover!

A few months after my wedding, Weddings With Love’s path and mine met and since that day I wake up every morning plenty of energy for being part of the Great Day of our couples. For sure, the right ingredients to have a perfect wedding are a good design, a good planning, organization and coordination, but we can not forget to add a lot of love, and we got loads of that in Weddings With Love.


Wedding Planner

I finished my degree in Journalism in 2016 but while I was studying it, I was stricken by the events organization bug and that is why I did an Expert Course in Protocol, Communication and Events Organization at the University of Sevilla, where I met Weddings With Love more than 2 years ago.

Another one of my passions are languages, English especially, in fact, I lived in Dublin for some time. You will always see me at the Destionation Weddings! If there is something that I need in my professional daily life is behaving accordingly and having good manners, the empathy and loads of humor.