Hello! We are Lidia and Patricia, sisters and business partners. Together we are Weddings With Love, making your special day truly unique and extraordinary.


Lidia has a degree in Tourism, Business Management and Event Planning. She is the queen of order, meticulously coordinating each step in the organisation of a wedding. She is in charge of everything involving numbers here at WWL.

Your budget is in good hands. A lover of photography, flowers and old objects restored to their former beauty, she has exquisite taste in everything. If anything characterises her, it is her ability to remain calm in stressful situations.


Patricia has a degree in Journalism and is an Event Planner and Television and Radio Producer. She is a Wedding Crafter, able to make a work of art from very little. An accomplished planner, she has an address book full of contacts and can achieve everything that a couple could ever need or imagine. Her mind is always working and thinking up new ideas.

She never stops. In an hour of conversation she can strike up a friendship and put together your wedding because she is full of inspiration. She loves to socialise. She constantly strives for perfection in her work: there is no such thing as a good wedding, only a perfect one. She is a real foodie who loves fashion and decoration.