5 Reasons why you should work with a Wedding Planner

It all begins on any old day. You are sat in front of your partner, the love of your life, perhaps on an unusually romantic evening (it might be good wine and candles or a picnic in the park with beer), when suddenly… He proposes! Background music plays in your head as your partner asks you those magical words that you’ve been hoping for:

Will you marry me?

After the initial shock and the ensuing happiness, you find yourself saying “Yes!”, toasting your love, telling your nearest and dearest the news. Pure happiness!

But the following morning… It’s show time! I call it the love hangover. That aching head from the multitude of ideas whizzing around, concern at the responsibility of having to organise everything in a short space of time, resulting in complete cluelessness about where to begin with preparations for the event of the year. Yes, your wedding, your big day!

You urgently need a painkiller! But you also need to contact a wedding specialist; do you know why I did?

1. For the confident and calm manner in which the true professionals help you

It’s not every day that we get married. Having helped prepare your sister’s or best friend’s wedding does not make us gurus. A wedding planner is, above all, trained and experienced in this sector.

They will advise you on hiring the best suppliers (catering, photographer, music…), they will draw up the tasks to be carried out every month (designing invitations, the date for the bride and groom’s fittings, menu tasting…), and of course they will organise and coordinate, discerningly and professionally, the most important day of your life. They are specialists in celebrating love!




2. For a bespoke wedding, personalised down to the last detail

Just as no two people in the world are the same, no one wants their special day to be a copy of someone else’s wedding. Working with a Wedding Planner guarantees that your wedding is unique. They make sure they know your taste and that the event is to your liking. They are also up to date with the latest wedding trends and are a never ending source of pure creativity.

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3. For a cost that suits your pocket

It is no secret that weddings are expensive. However, there is no better way to save money than by hiring specialists in organisation, such as Wedding Planners. They will advise you so that you learn how best to manage and invest your money in the wedding, they will source the best suppliers within your budget and they will contribute ideas so that you economise on the essentials of the big day.


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4. Because you are pushed for time, because of work commitments or distance

When planning a wedding an obstacle will always arise that singularly complicates life. At times, it means having to prepare a quick wedding for personal reasons. It might be that work leaves you with no time to organise everything calmly. Or, as in our case, it may be that you live far from the city where you want to get married and you can only travel there on special occasions. Hiring a Wedding Planner in any of these situations guarantees that none of these obstacles will hinder your celebrations. They are devoted to managing your needs with love and thus avoid unnecessarily wasting time and money.

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5. So that your only concern on your wedding day is “eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and loving”

It is the slogan of Weddings With Love that truly convinced us to work with these planners. There is no question that all newlyweds want to enjoy their day without any stress or last minute problems with the various suppliers. They are the middlemen! And they respectfully and affectionately ensure that both the newlyweds and the guests enjoy the wedding.

“Keep calm and enjoy the wedding” is the mantra that you must recite every morning leading up to and even on “the W-Day”, as my dear Patricia and Lidia call it. These professional wedding planners nursed my head and will undoubtedly help you, as they did me, so that your wedding is absolutely unforgettable.

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Article written by Tamara Mariscal, the bride of “WWL’s picture perfect wedding of 2015”





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